Security and protection from fraud are crucial, not only to you, but to your customers. In fact, security is the biggest reason why many customers do not make online purchases. ProtectBuy enhances the security of online payments between you and your customers. It utilizes 3D Secure protocol to offer you an additional layer of protection, and it's just another way Diners Club International brings you value.

How it benefits you:

  • Helps reduce fraudulent transactions on your Web site
    • Because ProtectBuy requires customers to use an additional password when making purchases, ProtectBuy provides an additional layer of security when authenticating the cardmember. This additional authentication step helps reduce the total fraud on your Web site. Much like a PIN is needed to access cash at ATMs, consumers will need their ProtectBuy password to make purchases with their Diners Club card.
  • Decreases your disputes handling costs
    • Because ProtectBuy reduces the total number of fraudulent transactions on your Web site, it will result in reduction of chargebacks and disputes related costs for you.
  • Provides enhanced security for your customers
    • ProtectBuy provides enhanced security to your customers, helping them feel safer as they make purchases online.
  • Improves your customer's confidence in online shopping
    • ProtectBuy improves your customer's purchase experience and confidence in your Web site, making them more likely to keep coming back for more purchases made at your store, resulting in increased volumes for you.

For more information about ProtectBuy, see Frequently Asked Questions.

How to implement it:

  1. Contact your processor to make sure they support ProtectBuy.
  2. Deploy a Diners Club International ProtectBuy compliant Merchant Plug-in server, which is available from compliant vendors.
  3. Test your Web site with Diners Club to make sure all ProtectBuy transactions are processed correctly.
  4. Display the ProtectBuy symbol on your Web site, and you're ready to process transactions with enhanced security.

For more information on the detailed merchant implementation process, contact your Diners Club Relationship Manager.